Mindfulness Coach

We are seeking superior Mindfulness experts to join our coaching network.   Our network of mindful coaches help individuals reduce stress and anxiety, improve their ability to be presence, increase their energy levels and be more productivity.

These goals are achieved through both virtual group and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Develop and maintain coaching topic content
  • Deliver coaching content through online video group skills
  • Engage with students one-on-one when requested
  • Analyze current student challenges / issues to present as real-life situation analysis
  • Recommend additional education to students to help achieve their goals

Required qualifications:

  • Five+ years of mindful coaching experience
  • Comfortable using mobile and web based technology
  • A quiet and presentable area to broadcast live web based coaching sessions

Send cover letter, resume and work samples to careers@ampit.io